The Launch Date Approaches!

by AProblemShared

We are so excited to show you all our hard work over the last few months. And on Oct 23rd, we will do just that.

Here is our Press Release:

A Problem Shared is a problem halved. Or it could be a problem doubled, if you share it with the wrong people. Either way, it’s definitely the name of a brand new British webseries about a dysfunctional self-help group.

Set in a small, end-of-the-line town, A Problem Shared is the story of six disparate group attendees and their malevolent group leader (sorry, ‘facilitator’), Patrick. It follows their progress through ‘therapy’, their strange inter-connections and their general desire to get out of what is, even for the UK, a pretty rubbish situation. None of them want to attend the group. All of them have to.

The show is a comedy-drama strewn with black-humour, fruity banter and simmering power-struggles. It was shot entirely in Berlin with a mix of local professionals and the cream of the British expat community (plus one Irishman, who is in no way typecast). We now warmly invite you to join the group as we air the series every week, starting on October 23rd.

It is, you will discover, well internet.