Analyzing Kickstarter: What succeeds, by how much and how often

by AProblemShared

Great article from GigaOM about crowdfunding stats


When it comes to crowdfunding platforms, the biggest (or at least most well known) kid on the block is Kickstarter. So when the company announced last week it would release stats on the projects within its platform, the analyst in me got all excited. Like many, I’ve wanted more granular data on the breakdown of projects as well as which ones do better than others.

Using the baseline data Kickstarter provided, I did some analysis to better understand what projects succeed, the distribution of successful project categories by size, and at what point in the funding a project’s likelihood of success starts to go up significantly. Below are some of those results.

What categories rule today?

Below is a visual representation of how big each category is both in terms of successful projects and the funding raised. The size of the circle indicates relative size of aggregate funding for successful projects…

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