Shelf Life – A Superhero web series!

by AProblemShared

A superhero toy web series – so much goodness in 3 minute episodes!

The Cantina Crowd

Do you like Superheroes?  Do you like toys?  Do you like the idea of a swearier, more adult Toy Story?


Well, you might like ‘Shelf Life’!

The basic premise is that of four action figures stuck on a shelf, who, in Toy Story fashion, can only move about when the child who owns them leaves the room; at all other times they have to hold the pose he’d put them in. Sounds a lot like Toy Story so far, but in this case, it is a lot more irreverent, contains more geeky references and has a more comic feel.

Conceived by Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal, two well known voice over actors (too many Anime and Video games to mention!), and produced by their own Monkey Kingdom Productions, it has a distinctly fan based aesthetic to it that rings true, much like ‘The Guild’, or ‘Legend of Neil’.


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