Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo

by AProblemShared

So the first question that everyone asks us when we send them our fundraising page is: Why didn’t you just use Kickstarter?

And I understand why they are asking. Kickstarter is the biggest creative crowdfunding site in the world. It apparently has one of the most active communities and tons of amazing success stories! It would have been perfect for A Problem Shared… so what made us go with a different platform?

Here’s the Answer:  Kickstarter requires that someone on your project be an American Citizen! Convenient for Americans (and the IRS I suppose), inconvenient for the 6.5 billion people out there who are not Americans. I am still kinda amazed that as the biggest creative crowd funding site in the world, Kickstarter still hasn’t expanded internationally. I think they are missing a big opportunity, and the gaps they left are now being filled by other companies like Indiegogo (although to be fair they were founded first!), Sponsume, ulule, PleaseFund.Us, & rockethub.

A Problem Shared is using Indiegogo, which for the most part has been a positive experience, although I have heard that the community is less engaged, which means we can expect less “drop-in” donations. I guess time will tell, we still have 37 days to go!!

Please Kickstarter, if you are listening, change this ridiculous policy asap. You are missing out on some serious numbers.

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